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Meet some special in 2004
First sight speed dating
More info and Tickets 07951 659 148

What is Speed Dating?
Speed dating is a fun way to meet other single people like you. If you’ve never tried anything like this before, you’re probably wondering what to expect from these parties. The first thing to expect is a great time! You are going to meet 25 people you would otherwise never have met. The atmosphere is non-pressured
 and every one is asked to keep an open mind.
Where are the events held & what do I do?
All the events are held in cool bars and lounges around London. When you check in, you’ll be handed a scorecard and a code name to identify you through the evening.
Once all participants have signed in an At First Sight representative will give you full instructions as well as answer any questions you might have. Half of you will stay seated while the other half will be signalled to rotate every three minutes. After each date participants tick yes or no on the scorecard next to the dates I D name as to whether they’d like to see that person again. Not to marry them! Just see again! The men then rotate and the next date begins.
If you ticked yes and they ticked yes (as in both parties want to hang out again), you’re a match. At this point we alert you both. And arrange a date for you in a chauffer driven limousine to a destination of your chose.

Am I allowed to choose more than 1 person?
You are allowed to choose as many people as you want to see
gain and as long as they have also chosen you it’s all systems go.

What if I’m not sure, as the dates are only 3 minutes long whether to mark my card or not?
If you’re not sure then we suggest you tick yes, provided they
have chosen you too you can take more time to check them out at a later stage.

Reasons for you to attend
 Most people come for a fun evening and want to come again
 Speed dating has a high success rate in people finding partners!
 Friendly staff so don’t worry about coming by yourself
 The system guarantees dates without the need for
uncomfortable ice-breaking
Book Now http://www.atfirstsight.net/

Every Thursdays Karaoke @ Visions
Visions 588a Kingland Road
Dalston E8 info 0207 275 7520  Adm small price 10pm – 2am

Every Saturday
Chrystal Rose Diamonds
156 Streatham Hill London SW2
Various DJ,s Geff Shumann
Supertone Lady J  Entry £10   info 07956 951 150   http://www.chrystalrose.com]

Every Saturday & Sundays
The New Night Moves Brand New Building
New every thing Two doors along from the old open now http://www.nightmovesnightclub.com
Every Friday
One of Events on Saturdays
The Players Club is at Southend Road
, East Ham E6 2AA from 9pm on Friday
Speed dating 04
Meet some special in 2004
First sight speed dating
More info and
Tickets 07951 659 148 http://www.atfirstsight.net/










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