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World Travel Market 2008 Report by Red5599.com


Dominican Republic Carnival Masked Character at WTM

WTM November 2008 – To showcase their annual vibrant carnival, Dominican Republic will have a carnival masked character on display at WTM on their stand CA8000.

The character depicted, called "Diablo Cojuelo" is the main attraction at the "La Vega Carnival", which is the most popular of the carnivals held in Dominican Republic. Carnival also takes place in other towns such as Santiago, Santo Domingo and Bonao.

Carnival is celebrated during the entire month of February filling each weekend with parades, events and competitions. Each town offers their own twist to the event. The celebration climaxes on or near the 27th of February, Dominican Independence Day. The celebration brings with it much colour and tradition from the vivid colours of the costumes, the spirited music and lively dancing.

The use of masks to symbolize spiritual, supernatural and unknown spirit world entities has been used since before recorded history to either depict, get the attention of, or to hide from a higher or more spiritual being.

No matter where one goes to see Carnival it is a true fusion of culture and religion Dominican style. Always a grand blend of colours, music, wild activities and exciting dances. The “Diablo Cojuelos” come out into the streets swinging their weapons and cracking their whips.

Come and meet "Diablo Cojuelo" at WTM and collect a miniature mask from him......

About Dominican Republic:
Rich in history, the Dominican Republic’s first tourist was Christopher Columbus in 1492. Since then, it has developed into a diverse and luxurious destination offering both Dominican Republic and European flavours to more than 220,000 British visitors each year. A leader in eco-tourism, the Dominican Republic created the world’s first Whale Sanctuary and has established protection zones for more than 20 percent of its land and coastal areas. The country boasts some of the world’s best golf courses and beaches, the largest marinas in the Caribbean and is a chosen escape for celebrities, couples and families. Visit the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism’s official Web site at: www.godominicanrepublic.com
 or call +44 (0)20 7242 7778.

Last year Jamaica was named Leading Caribbean Destination and Leading Cruise Destination by the World Travel Awards. In 2007 it was also lassified by the World Investment Report as ‘an over performing foreign direct investment location, offering a variety of opportunities for investment’. In addition, over 3 million tourists voted their feet last year by choosing to“Make it Jamaica”.
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 Barbados company has won the 2008 World Travel Awards accolade for the Caribbean's Leading Travel Information Website.

The announcement that TotallyBarbados.com copped the award for the second year in a row was made Tuesday (November 11th, 2008) at the annual World Travel Market in London, England which features over 5,000 exhibitors from 200 countries.

TotallyBarbados.com beat out travel websites from Jamaica, Antigua-Barbuda, St. Kitts-Nevis, Aruba, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

TotallyBarbados.com features more than 3,000 pages of information on the island and uses search engine optimization to improve the odds of swiftly finding the articles, events and other listings on the site.

Brett Callaghan, owner and Managing Director of TotallyBarbados.com, who was in London for the 2008 World Travel Market, was elated at winning again: "It's amazing to win for the second year in a row," he said after the announcement at the ExCel centre in London, in the presence of officials from the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA).

Callaghan, 34, is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and lived in Canada for 12 years before returning to Barbados to set up the company in 2005.

"I think it's because we are very informative and the most up-to-date; and TotallyBarbados.com is one of only five per cent of websites that conform to World Wide Web design standards," he added.

Callaghan thanked all who voted for Totally Barbados, including the nearly 100 commercial premium supporters of the TotallyBarbados.com website, in particular the retail jewellery chain Diamonds International, which has been a "platinum supporter" since the website's inception in 2005.

The 2008 award for the Caribbean's Leading Travel Information Website was voted on by over 160,000 travel professionals and organizations from more than 160 countries.

The World Travel Awards were initiated in 1993 to celebrate professional excellence in the world's travel and tourism industry. Travel professionals and discerning travelers have come to regard the World Travel Awards as the very best endorsement that a travel product could hope to receive.

Totally Barbados Inc.
140 Durants Fairways,
Christ Church,



Jamaica Tours is pleased to announce our Weddings and Golf Packages.

We create affordable weddings that will make this a memorable day for you. Whether it’s barefoot on the beach, or on the lawns of the Greenwood Great House overlooking the Caribbean Sea, or at Dunn’s River River Falls, with its magnificent 600ft., waterfall, we will make it very special for you.

"54 Holes, One Destination" The perfect place for that perfect Game. Escape in the island paradise of Jamaica and experience the perfect place for Golf. Our special golf package includes golfing at the three (3) premier Golf Courses in Rosehall and roundtrip transfers.We can help you make the right choices!

Safaris in Mozambique.

ONE AFRICA owns, manages and markets two unique safari experiences in Mozambique. Although not a traditional safari destination, Mozambique’s national parks and reserves are re-emerging from their turbulent past, revealing a handful of wilderness gems that perfectly complement the more established marine treasures along its coastline. As such, ONE AFRICA’S unique safari experiences in Mozambique are not your two game-drives a day, tick off the Big 5, anyone-for-Belgian-truffles-type safaris… Far from it, in fact, with travellers these days being smarter and far more value-driven than the same-old, same-old caters for, we believe that the difference between a ONE AFRICA experience and your more typical photographic safari is all in the approach. We like to approach each of our safaris as a personal and real encounter between our guests, their hosts, and the surrounding environment. We are inspired by Mozambique’s wild places, her lively people, and most of all, her delightful mystery…

We have been extremely fortunate to secure a stunning private concession within the vast Niassa National Reserve in the far north of the country. In close proximity to both Lake Malawi as well as the regional coastal hub, Pemba and the nearby Quirimbas Archipelago, MOJA SAFARI WILDERNESS is one of the first ecotourism concessions made available within the Niassa Reserve. More than twice the size of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the Niassa Reserve’s 42 000 kms2 make it not only by far the largest conservation area in Mozambique, but also one of the most extensive protected areas in Africa, especially with recent efforts to establish a wildlife corridor between it and the Selous Game Reserve to the north.
Due to the nature of the reserve, and in keeping with the ideals of the classic wilderness experience, our launch product, MOJA EXPLORE MOBILE SAFARIS is a memorable walking and canoeing safari along the magical Lugenda River. Our simple, open-plan tented camps are supremely comfortable, with hot water, cold drinks, delicious meals, and cosy beds. However, our guest will be encouraged to immerse themselves in Niassa life, feeling part of something rather than feeling disconnected from it. Niassa is not the place to visit hidden behind the safe confines of a gin-and-tonic-flavoured Hollywood re-interpretation… It is raw, beautiful, and truly inspiring. Niassa provides a glimpse of Africa as yet untainted by mass commercialisation, bad media, and ineffectual politics. MOJA EXPLORE MOBILE SAFARIS present an adventurous and realistic insight into this truly magical region. Niassa is a place of extreme sensory inspiration and emotional attachment, and we at MOJA SAFARI WILDERNESS invite you to come walk, paddle and explore it with us, and learn to love it as we do…warts and all!

The exciting news that we will share further with you at WTM this year is that we have just entered into an exclusive agreement with the management body of Mozambique’s flagship conservation area, Gorongosa National Park, to operate luxury walking safaris within this wholly unique and visually spectacular national treasure. Under the operating title, EXPLORE GORONGOSA, we invite you and your guests to join us on a one-of-a-kind luxury walking safari experience, providing a unique insight into the Park’s visionary restoration project aimed at re-establishing the natural wonders of this awesome wildlife sanctuary. Our exclusive safaris will be lead by top regional professional guides and will be based from our quirky semi-permanent tented camp situated on our very own private operational area within the Park.

One Africa. Inspiring unique safari experiences. info@oneafrica.co.za


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