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Worked for the one of the original Black newspaper from the windrush generation editor Cuddley George West Indian World newspaper

The Foundation Photographer for the Voice newspaper
Editor and a brother Flip Fraser
 Publisher Val Mc Caller
 Newspaper now owned by the Jamaica Gleaner

Foundation photographer For
Caribbean Times newspaper publisher / editor Arif Ali
 no longer publishing
the newspaper working for Black Civil Rights in the eighties in the UK

Media Manager for Moonlighting night club under management of Ron Seymore in the nineties
producing the video pictures for the club

Photographer / Videographer for the first and original Jamaican Dancehall website in the UK

Worked on the Chrystal Rose TV Show
the first black presented chat show on
British Television
as member of the team that help produced the
show that Carlton TV took up

Identity ,BVTV, ACTV,Cable London
community cable stations I have work with

My video production of Caribbean events in London are being shown on TV station in the
If you are looking for a
 or videographer
with the blessing of the elders
call on 07951 659 148

All types of  Photography and video
 for every one






Had his first work published in a national community newspaper in 1981 he covered entertainment and music event as a freelancer , they like his work, so they ask him to become a member of staff , at the same time a college of his started to work on the voice newspaper and a sister music magazine ,So he became the staff photographer for the Voice newspaper for the first 5 years or so , In his time there ,He set up the black & white dark room so they can get there work done in house and had a much faster turn around time from taking the picture to getting the print on the Editors desk , in those days we had no one hour processing equipment or c41 for process black & white film .

At the voice newspaper he covered all types of press assignment , from opening of shops , political speeches , photograph of people at home for feature stories awards events , royal visits , normal press conferences ,

The voice also launch a fashion magazine called CHIC, he was the staff photographer on that , covering the fashion week shows in London , studio shoot for cloths , models and front pages ,using studio flash , plenty of polaroids and medium format camera .

In the ninties worked as a night club photographer , were we got pictures in the Sun newspaper of Steve Wonder in the club , It was also the time when gazzer was in his prime and night clubbing it, we got pictures in the Daily Mirror & Sunday Mirror , Muhammed Alie the boxer came to the club , Eddie Murphy on promotion of one of his movie at the time , A young singer Bobby Brown pass through , Robert De Nero passed through . Nigal Ben , Lenox lewis an unknown heavy weight boxer spent a lot of time with us in the club .

Patrick had his own photographic studio in Harlesden High St
clients include BBC TV ,Carlton TV, Oxford ,Camden ,Brent councils
Patrick also has done a good few weddings , love taking pictures of the London Notting Hill Carnival and challenging photographic situation .

What make a photographer is the experience you have with different lighting situation, working mainly in the Press itís not about creative lighting but getting the picture and if the situation permits getting a creative shot after getting the basic picture , what you may think is a fantastic creative shot your editor may hate it .

Other skills also need is the ability to communicate with people and sense there mood, How easy is it to tell a head of state look this way and smile also your subject could be having a bad day and seeing you with your camera might just send them over the top .

If you are interested in Patrick doing some work for you contact us and we will show you some of his work .

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