Montserrat GEM of the Caribbean

Sir George Martin told a packed audience of at International Trade Seminar, London of DTI Government officials, Entrepreneurs, Business-owners and potential investors that "Montserrat is the GEM of the Caribbean". He hoped to open a multimedia cultural centre with a natural amphiteatre that will seat 2,000 people. Fundraising efforts to date had raised US$ 1.3 million with a further US$800,000.00 to follow. The Cultural Centre is due to open early 2005.

Kenny Cassell, President, Montserrat Chamber, welcomed the 20 Business owners who have agreed to visit Monteserrat during Montserrat Commerce Week on Saturday 21st June, as part of the Trade Partners UK sponsored Trade Mission organised by Caribbean Britain Business Council. The trade missionís relevance to Montserrat is particularly significant as businesses in London are being encouraged to investigate opportunities for international trade in construction and infrastructure projects in the continuing aftermath of the countryís Soufriere volcano disaster in 1997. To drive this effort, the Montserrat Chamber is developing a trade and investment programme known as MontserratFirst.

Montserrat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI), with a mandate from the Government of Montserrat, is now located at Montserrat Government UK Office, London, W1. Rudi Page, Managing Director, Statecraft Consulting, is currently developing the programme known as Montserrat First.

Montserrat  First acts as a catalyst for developing alliances, partnerships & networks. It has four interlocking programmes: Inward Investment, Local Economic Development, Cultural Enterprise and Communication. A Services Advisory Group (SAG) of London-based Financial & Professional Services providers will focus on knowledge transfer, capacity building, competitive services and workforce  development.
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Picture: Rudi Page, Managing Director, STATECRAFT
Sir George Martin, Music Producer
Kenny Cassell, President, Monsterrat Chamber

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