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Photos taken from the DVD and showing you what it is about -
A journey and events from Motherland and home
King Masco new DVD Launch. Saturday 21st March 2015.
Brixton Town Hall. SW2 1RW.
Free Buffet/Dance. Complementary DVD per ticket holder on arrival.
Single £30. Double £50. Doors open 7.30pm.
Tickets /info / bookings 07956834523 - 07932818034

This is more than a music DVD it also feature live documented events
of fun , happiness ,sun, sea ,warmth ,of the people from the African continent
in the village of Hastings in Sierra Leone .

This DVD features two continent but King Masco has been on all five continents
The music of King Masco connects with every one on the five continents that unleashes that deep spiritual warmth that comes from the magic of Africa that connects to your inner self for you to feel happy .

For me this is the greatest project I have work on so far with King Masco
It call on all my skills and ability I have gained in the pass ,my wisdom and ability to work with the people of Sierra Leone who did not only steal my heart ,but stole my soul

It is always good for me to work with King Masco to see his understanding of people of all walks of life and from any part of the world with his diplomatic , humour and great sense of justice had brought a dispute of the old and new head man of the village of Hastings to an amicable agreement and friendship .

Harry Potter and Bridget Jones Movie used Middle Temple London where King Masco entertains the graduates of Law year after year .

This video features some of the events of the Fun day King Masco funds and organize in Hastings Sierra Leone getting help from the Local Police and Army for crowd control was a joy to work with ,and a level of working with the people I have never seen any were in the world

I hope you enjoy the DVD , buy one for your friends and family ,and check if King Masco is available for your big events .